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The Theory of Non-organic Viruses in Psymentology Academic research paper on "Clinical medicine"

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Abstract of research paper on Clinical medicine, author of scientific article — Mohammad Ali Taheri, Nima Yeghaneh

Abstract One of the most indispensable theories in Psymentology is the “Non-organic Viruses Theory”. According to this theory, mankind is encountered with viruses that could affect his mind, body and psyche; infiltrate in man's diverse existing components and data files, having them contaminated with parasites and derangements. When such parasites occupy the Mind data files, they consequently would bring about all kinds of hallucinations, abnormal behaviours and unusual drives. In Psymentology there is a specific approach toward these types of disorders and the treatment for such cases lies within a special branch of treatment called “Defensive Radiation”. In other words, through resolving the symptoms of this contamination as well as purifying the patient from Non-organic Viruses, we are able to get rid of them and the subsequent complications. During the past few decades numerous successful experiences have been carried out proving the afore-mentioned theory.

Academic research paper on topic "The Theory of Non-organic Viruses in Psymentology"

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 69 (2012) 1021 - 1030

International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology (ICEEPSY 2012)

The Theory of Non-organic Viruses in Psymentology

Mohammad Ali Taheri, Nima Yeghaneh

Association of Faradarmani & Psymentology, Tehran, Iran


One of the most indispensable theories in Psymentology is the "Non-organic Viruses Theory". According to this theory, mankind is encountered with viruses that could affect his mind, body and psyche; infiltrate in man's diverse existing components and data files, having them contaminated with parasites and derangements. When such parasites occupy the Mind data files, they consequently would bring about all kinds of hallucinations, abnormal behaviours and unusual drives. In Psymentology there is a specific approach toward these types of disorders and the treatment for such cases lies within a special branch of treatment called "Defensive Radiation". In other words, through resolving the symptoms of this contamination as well as purifying the patient from Non-organic Viruses, we are able to get rid of them and the subsequent complications. During the past few decades numerous successful experiences have been carried out proving the afore-mentioned theory.

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Keywords:Psymentology; non-organic viruses; Interuniversal Consciousness; Interuniversal Mysticism (Erfan-e Halgheh); Faradarmani; Defensive Radiation; consciousness bond; Interuniversalism; cosmic internet; hallucinations; abnormal behaviors; mental disorder; multiple-personality; bipolar disorder; obsession; hyperactivity; phobia; homosexuality; telepathy; reincarnation; magic; addiction;

The term "Non-organic Beings" is applied to beings that are void of any organic or material aspect, whose unidentified form is not amassed with any atoms or molecules. At least and for the moment, they do not possess any physical or comprehensibly tangible form. As a result, and due to the lack of any bodily or identified structure, the world of science is not capable of identifying or tracing them. Thus, for now the only possible way of identifying them and removing their associated disorders is through experimental and empirical evidence. This might seem quite bizarre and unbelievable at first glance, just as it used to be ridiculed when Dr. Koch and Dr. Pasteur spoke of "bacteria", whose existence was gradually proved.

Non-organic Beings are living beings but without the biological organs found in plants, animals and humans (cells and organs made of biological and mineral material) and are normally not visible; but each group plays an important role in the life of man. It can be incurred that from the evident effects of these beings on man's life, one cannot deny their existence, and their silent role prevents one from easily identifying them.

These beings can be classified into two major categories of "Group A" and "Group B". The similarity between these two groups is their ability to possess the Mental Body or Mind (Zehn) of individuals and make disturbances, create illness and influence their decision-making. According to a theory in Psymentology, the mental body exerts a software management on all the dimensions of the human existence, controlling the entire software functionality of

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man's various components; scaling from cellular operation to memory management, learning, and so on. Man's perceptions are a product of the efforts of the Mind (Zehn). The following objectives shall be pursued in this text:

1- Becoming aware of the role of Non-organic Beings and preventing disorders caused by them.

2- Increasing motivation for a healthy, transcendental life and avoiding any contact with these beings.

3- Paying attention to the teachings of the divine religions.

Non-organic Beings: Type-A

A study about this group of Non-organic Beings requires an analysis of their general and specialized features. There are countless beings in the ecology of the cosmos and each has a certain objective. Some of these beings play a role in man's life by taking part in the chain of life on planet Earth, and some are designed and created for man's quality of life and each one bears a task in the path of man's transcendence. Type-A are invisible and non-material beings which are able to appear under suitable conditions, for anyone they choose (only if the individual has prepared the grounds for these conditions) and change shapes in any form they choose. Like humans, they reproduce and die.

They also have logic and consciousness but their biggest difference with human beings is that they do not have the benefit of the capabilities on the Step of Love. Their logical process is limited to decision making for their tasks in the universe. In the material universe, every being has a consciousness which we call logic. The logic of an atom is the background of its existence. Even an ant has logic, but in addition to this background logic, it also has another logic which includes a life program and instinctive programs helping it lead a life with predefined parameters. A Type A Non-organic Being, thus has logic. Other than the background consciousness, life consciousness and instinctive consciousness, it also has a logic enabling it to make conscious decisions. This voluntary logic is not as extensive as the human voluntary logic, but this alone separates this being from other beings which have lower levels of logic.

The Non-organic Beings in Group A feed from a type of energy. These beings are less dense than matter and even though they can become visible to our eyes by changing frequencies, make physical contact and even move objects, they do not consume material food and nor do they depend on material objects for survival. They get their energy from nature, but if they possess a human being, they can feed off of the Chakras or the energy channels of their host. This kind of feeding has negative consequences on the health of human beings, because it leads to a lack of "Vital Energy" for the body tissues and organs, eventually leading to illness. The Vital Force is like water that flows through a field, without which all of the vegetation would dry out and perish. Additionally, all vegetation benefits from this "water" regardless of the type or species. Hence it becomes clear that all of existence has one common root and one common source of sustenance, which is called the Vital Force.

In cases where the Non-organic Being feed off of the Chakras or the energy channels of their host, Hejamat (blood-letting) and acupuncture are solutions for temporarily removing these beings from the energy channels. They are not compatible with the magnetic flux of metal (needle or razor) and this method clears the selected channels from their existence for a few months (about six months).

Non-organic Beings: Type-B (Mental Bodies)

"Interuniversalism" or "Interuniversalistperspective" is a totally holistic way of viewing the human being. In this perspective man is not considered just as a pile of flesh and bones, but as vast as the world of existence. Some of human constituent components are: 1- Diverse bodies such as the Physical body, Emotional body (Psychological body), Mental body (Mind/Zehn), Astral body and so on. 2-Various energy transformers, namely known as "Chakra". 3- Numerous energy channels like those of limited, restricted or the fourteen non-physiological channels in the body as investigated in acupuncture. 4- Varied energy fields surrounding the body such as polarity field, bioplasma field and so on. 5- Components such as cellular consciousness, molecular frequency, several software constituents, and an infinite number of other unidentified elements.

Each human being has various bodies such as physical body, astral body, psychological or emotional body, mental body and thousands of other unknown bodies. With human death and the end of his life in this world, the person's physical body is separated from his other bodies, goes to annihilation and starts to be decomposed to its constitutive parts. Death is the eliminating factor of other bodies such as psychological and astral bodies as well. However, mental body still remains intact.

Death phenomenon occurs in two physical and definitive phases. In the phase of physical death, the person's astral body (the astral body is in charge of directing the anatomical growth and directing the messages of the nervous system, it serves as a Secondary Nervous System) is still alive and it is possible to return to life. In other words, by the time the astral body is still intact, death of physical body due to cardiac arrest is not considered definitive death; definitive death happens when astral body dies. The time interval between physical death and definitive (astral) death varies in different people from a few minutes to a few days. In this interval, every shock to the astral body can revive the physical body. However, after definitive death (death of astral body), psychological body also dies and mental body would be the only remaining body.

If a human being continues his/her "mental life" after being physically dead (definite death), s/he can be considered "mental body" in that after-death condition; this term is equivalent to "soul" by most people, which is the way the deceased person is named. According to this definition, mental bodies of people who have left this world, [however due to their dependencies and insufficient spiritual awareness have not entered their afterlife and are still experiencing this world] are called type-B Non-organic Beings.

Disorders Caused by Non-organic Viruses

Damage caused by infection of these viruses can be classified into some categories:

1. Mental problems:

A) Perceptual hallucinations such as auditory, visual, olfactory, imaginary, emotional and motional hallucinations (in these hallucinations, the person hears a sound, sees or feels something or someone that is not perceived by others or is involved in fake imaginations that someone is always following him/her or that nobody likes him/her and so on).

B) Inductive hallucinations: These disorders are mental and intellectual inductions of Non-organic Viruses which cause the person to have speculations which are nor true or force the person to do an abnormal behaviour. Abnormal behaviours, i.e. all behaviours which are done when the person is awake but cannot be justified by him/her in a reasonable or sensible manner, are caused by these inductive hallucinations.

C) Two-personality or multiple-personality disorder: A disorder in which the person involuntarily shows two or more personalities.

D) Bipolar disorder: Without any particular reason, the person is very happy at one time and very sad at the other time.

E) Obsession

F) Irrational fears (phobia): Fear from elevators, escalators, height, closed environments and so on.

G) Hyperactivity

H) Abnormal desires such as abnormal love or hatred, homosexual inclinations, tendency to suicide and tendency to harm the self or others.

Í) Abnormal activities like sleepwalking and so on. J) Sudden change in handwriting K) others

2. Psychological (Emotional) diseases: Depression, nervousness, anxiety, feeling guilt and so on.

3. Physical diseases: Terminal diseases, difficult diseases, genetic diseases and so on.

4. Psychological-mental-physical disorders like sleep disorders.

5. Unknown disorders: Unexplained bruise, swelling or sore and scratches, sleepwalking (in which the person does not hit any obstacles, even with closed eyes and is controlled in motion), talking and screaming while being asleep, teeth grinding, pain displacement, sleep paralysis, etc.

Non-organic Beings which influence and dominate human beings by occupying his/her headquarters (mental body) or transducers (chakras) and life energy channels are considered a parasite for that person. They consume life energy of the captive by capturing transducers and energy channels. They not only induce their desires and thoughts to the person either appreciably or insignificantly by affecting his/her memory management and information ordering (setting) management, but also cause diseases and complications by interfering with management affairs of cells and body; accordingly, they can be called "Non-organic Viruses". Non-organic Viruses mostly affect the mind in the first place; then, they induce their destructive effects on psyche and body in order. There are states like sleep paralysis with which many people are involved; this is emerged as a result of the intervention of mind, psyche and body.

Symptoms and Damage Caused by Non-organic Viruses

Infection by non-organic viruses has a variety of symptoms including mental, psychological and physical disorders, only a part of which was covered in the previous section. Other symptoms which can be referred to include:

- Abnormal behaviours or desires (these two cases were previously introduced as examples of mental problems, but are mentioned here for more emphasis)

- Telepathy

- The reports presented in hypnosis, some of which are used for proving reincarnation

- Misuse of Non-organic Creatures

Abnormal Behaviours and Desires

Mental bodies of deceased people have many effects on the lives of humans, one of which is abnormal behaviours and desires. In other words, although type-A Non-organic Viruses can cause these behaviours and desires, type-B Non-organic Viruses have more significant and effective roles. For example, sudden and involuntary changes in behaviours and desires of a person to the desires and behaviours of a deceased relative (which generally happens within a short period after his/her death) is an indicator of the interference of the deceased person in the management system of the alive person. For instance, after the death of parents, a child might evidently show one of the characteristics or habits of the deceased parent because the mental body of the deceased person can captivate the mental body of his/her beloved ones due to his/her dependencies and achieving mental satisfaction. By doing this, s/he consciously or unconsciously transfers some of his/her characteristics, desires or disorders to another person.

Of course, there are various reasons for a person to be selected by Non-organic Viruses and having intimacy, friendship and kinship is not a defining factor. Therefore, effects of love and hatred remain in the mental body of the deceased person and can be the captivating reason of his/her surroundings; in addition, some of them select the mental body of people who are similar to them. Some others choose the person who does not have the lacks of his/her before-death life and still others choose a host who can fulfil their unfinished tasks and wishes in the world. In order to find their desirable person, they do not limit their attention only to their friends and relatives. Some mental bodies use the first chance of infiltration, even without any evaluations, and no particular characteristics are considered by them. In most of these cases, the special characteristic which suddenly appears in the person would be considered abnormal for the person and his/her relatives and friends.


Extreme emotional desires between people generate non-physical connections [between various non-physical bodies of the two sides], which prepare the situation for the transfer of Non-organic Viruses between them, i.e., non-physical commonalities lead these viruses to act and shift between two or more people; these viruses are called "communal viruses". Generally, these people are informed of each other's thoughts and feelings without using any external communication tools and are commonly said to have "telepathy" with each other.

Telepathy is mainly seen between identical twins because, on the one hand, they have deep emotional relationships and, on the other hand, they are equally infected by Non-organic Viruses during pregnancy and this continues as communal viruses even after birth. In fact, there is another factor for sharing Non-organic Viruses which is the genetic factor. Moreover, if a Non-organic Virus is responsible for performing a common spell between two or more people, that virus would be considered their communal viruses.

The reports presented in hypnosis some of which are used for proving reincarnation

Reincarnation theory was introduced thousands of years ago and currently billions of people believe in it. Based on this theory, humans are reborn in this world after their death. In different viewpoints in this regard, this rebirth can be in the form of another human or a type of animal, plant or object. Some reincarnation followers believe that some deceased people can reach eternal rest and deliverance instead of frequent commuting between the worlds. One of the rules based on which reincarnation is accepted is "Karma law". In short, it can be said that believing in reincarnation theory draws a fate for humans which is not anything but eternal pain for humans. Even if this kind of pain can be escaped from, human creation would be proved as something futile and absurd and the creator had made a mistake in the glorious plan of creation due to this meaningless destination.

However, one of the reasons which are referred to by most of the believers of reincarnation theory today is the reports made by some people in hypnosis conditions who talk about themselves in different geological, historical, national, cultural, lingual, educational, occupational, sexual category and age conditions. As can be seen they have experienced all these lives. The main point is that these studied cases prove the existence of these people with the mentioned characteristics (in which they have lived before) and also confirm the information reported about them. The people who discharge the information in their mind in the hypnosis condition, sometimes even speak in the native language of the person who is describing his life. But, in contrast to the belief of reincarnation proponents, all these reporters who describe their lives on behalf of the hypnotized person are mental bodies which have captivated the person and have found a chance to reveal themselves through hypnosis. Hence, one of the symptoms for the infection by non-organic viruses is these types of reports and none of their impacts would be left after removing these viruses from the mental body of the captivated person. This indicates that the stated history is not related to the hypnotized person and s/he has not experienced other lives in this world.

Misuse of Non-organic Creatures

Although capabilities like foresight, mind-reading, personality-reading, applying one's will to others and investigation which are used for power application are revealed as a result of connection to the negative network, they can be used by the cooperation of non-organic creatures as well. Type-A Non-organic Creatures which are directly related to these actions are mainly A7 type or "possession keepers". These creatures put themselves completely in the hands of people who want to utilize them for doing the mentioned cases, seemingly useful information, problem-solving, sabotage and other inappreciable intervention in other's lives. The information acquired from these creatures can be classified into the following categories:

• Foresight

• Mind-reading

• Personality-reading

• Knowing the unseen (knowing the details of life, private lives, personal feelings and secrets of others)

• World awareness and perfection awareness

Causes of Becoming Infected by Non-organic Creatures A) Common Causes

Some factors provide the possibility of being infected by different types of non-organic creatures and they are not limited to only one type A or B. These causes include:

1. Being in a negative phase (anger, fear, sadness, grief and so on)

2. Addiction

3. Using non-organic creatures for reaching desired goals and getting help from them

4. Being exposed to the spell and magic executed by non-organic creatures

5. Disturbance of phase harmony among the bodies (due to using recreational drugs, alcohol and so on)

6. Transfer from parents

A1. Being in a Negative Phase

The most important infiltrating ground of non-organic viruses is being placed in a negative phase (fear and panic, anger, sadness and grief, nervousness, hopelessness and so on), i.e. if the absorption and desorption valve of negative radiation is open in the psychological or emotional body (Psychological Body is one of the important bodies of man's existence that discovers, examines and reveals the emotions), it is possible for the person to be captivated by two groups of A and B.

Being in a negative phase can be caused by many factors. For instance, watching a horror movie can cause fear, which opens the absorption and desorption valve of negative radiations in the emotional body. Another situation which can be mentioned is the grief and sadness for a deceased person, which mostly reaches its maximum in funerals; since cemeteries are the location for the accumulation of mental bodies, the risk of infection by non-organic viruses increases.

A2. Addiction

Addiction means inclination to do something based on habit so that stopping it causes some complications and, if the person cannot resist, s/he may return to the addiction factor. Addiction generates a kind of vicious cycle in mind

and, followed by that, the various bodies of that person become crumpled and disorganized; some holes and cracks are appeared in them which are the location for the infiltration of non-organic creatures. Most of these creatures are mental bodies who want to share this experience (using drugs) with the person.

A3. Using Non-organic Creatures

Conscious and unconscious application of non-organic creatures for prediction and astrology, spell and magic and doing other different activities is one of the factors of infection. For instance, during reading of the tea leaves or any other kinds of divination, a relationship is established with these non-organic creatures, which affects the person's life whether he notices or not.

A4. Spell and Magic

Being exposed to the types of spell which are carried out by non-organic creatures is a cause of being infected by these creatures. To carry out these spells, some shapes, numbers, notes or other special lines are mostly used which sometimes may seem to be irrelevant; however, every one of them can activate at least one non-organic creature.

A5. Disturbance of Phase Harmony among the (non-physical) Bodies

Human beings have different bodies such as physical, mental, emotional, and astral and so on. Lack of phase harmony among these bodies (looseness of the bond and two-way connection between each of them) causes some disorders, the result of which ranges from ordinary disorders to immediate madness. In this case, each of the bodies act independently, which causes the person to forget even the simplest daily issues or to totally lose his/her control and balance, even in the face of the slightest issues. Disturbance of phase harmony in bodies which can be caused by factors such as using alcoholic drinks or recreational drugs increases the infiltration of non-organic creatures and creates infection by these viruses.

A6. Transfer from Parents

Infection of humans by non-organic creatures may occur during conception, birth and even during lifetime. After conception, non-organic viruses of the father are transmitted; thus, during the embryonic period, the "programmed self' section is influenced by these viruses and those of the mother. In other words, the cause of this involvement is not the mistakes committed by the person, and the parents who are also the heir to their predecessor play a role in this process.

B) Specific Factors

Some factors specifically activate type-A non-organic creatures for their mission and cause the infection by this type of viruses. The most important factors include:

• Ignoring the unity and integrity of the universe and blasphemy

• Irreverence to any component of the universe

• Generating any type of negative radiations

• Causing corruption and degeneration and preventing any component of the universe from flourishing

• Deliberate enmity with God and its path

Solutions for relief from the captivity of the Non-organic Beings and the cure for the illnesses caused by them

At present, in medicine and other supplementary medicines, there are no definitive and fundamental treatments for the complications and diseases caused by these viruses. Thus, controlling methods are used as the treatment, which do not remove the problem. That is because the main emergence factors of these disorders (non-organic viruses) are not diagnosed and there is no awareness of the methods and ways for getting rid of them. However in Psymentology there is a specific approach toward these types of disorders and the treatment for such cases lies within a special branch of treatment called "Defensive Radiation". In other words through resolving the symptoms of this contamination as well as purifying the patient from non-organic viruses, we are able to get rid of them and the subsequent complications. During the past few decades numerous successful experiences have been carried out proving the afore-mentioned theory (Taheri, Journal of Medical Sciences (Danesh-e Pezeshki), Specialized Psymentology Edition, 2011)

Being categorized amidst other fields in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) of Iran, and concerning the Mind-psychology of mankind, "Psymentology" ['Psyche' + 'Mental' + 'Logy'] or "Interuniversal Mind-Psychology" has an Interuniversalist perspective with a totally holistic way of viewing the human being. Mind (Zehn) and psyche are each dealt as a separate concept in Psymentology, each comprising a specific part of an individual. This subject tries to alleviate mental and psychological disorders. Psymentology seeks to understand mankind and the constituent software of his existence, and also to cure man's unidentified mental conflicts by serving as a Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) in helping those who are troubled.

"Psymentology " or "Interuniversal Mind-Psychology " is a framework in which the treatment is achieved through a software-based approach, without any hardware interventions or manipulations. By hardware we mean the treatments applied physically [i.e. externally] such as pharmaceutical, invasive & surgical, physiotherapy, massage treatments, or any other similar method in which utensils and devices are to be implemented. On the contrary, by software interventions we mean only those therapeutic applications related to the existential software embedded in man, away from any pharmaceutical, operational or other similar treatments and without resorting to any technique, in order to examine and resolve the patients' ailments. Although psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and so on are classified as software interventions; none of them are applied in Psymentology. In fact, Psymentology is not technique-based; in this approach the probing and the removal of any software disorders would be achievable with the aid of the "Interuniversal Consciousness Network". In this way, Psymentology is vividly distinguished from other common psychology & psychiatry therapies.

Psymentology and Its Significant Practical Application

It is more than three decades since the foundation of Interuniversal Mysticism (Erfan-e Halgheh) and its subdivisions including the two complementary and alternative medicines of "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology" by Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri in Iran. Interuniversal Mysticism examines the mystical concepts both in theory and in practice, and since it embraces all human beings, everybody regardless of their race, nationality, religion and personal beliefs, can accept its theoretical part and experience and make use of the practical aspect (such as Defensive Radiation and so on).

Interuniversal Consciousness or "Cosmic Internet"

The world of existence has been created from motion; therefore all its different manifestations also result from motion. For the reason that any motion requires a primary motivator to cause the movement, also a directing factor to give it a direction, there is an awareness or consciousness governing the universe which we call "Interuniversal Consciousness". Similar to a "Cosmic Internet", this all-encompassing consciousness has covered up all its constituent elements and subsets by intelligence/consciousness. Thus a meaningful resemblance could be established between the Interuniversal Consciousness and a Universal or "Cosmic Internet". To clarify this expression (Cosmic Internet) one should consider the capabilities of the internet at the present time and comparable features with those of the Cosmic Internet.

One of the many features of the web is accessing the catalogue of various products from different manufacturers and their technical features and abilities. Nowadays the product catalogue could be retrieved by browsing the manufacturer's website and unlike the past, no more paper catalogues are to be found within the product package! This economizes the final expenditures as well as reducing the weight and volume of the package. Proper handling of any complex product necessitates a comprehensive study of its accompanying catalogue; otherwise lack of adequate knowledge on how to operate the product, leads to technical faults and the product would soon cease to function, leaving the grumbling user pessimistic about the brand or the factory. Yet the user himself is to blame, and this situation could be avoided if the user had taken some time going through the catalogue well before operating the product. The same applies to mankind. If only he was able to carefully browse through his own existential catalogue, he would then neither get entangled with his current struggles nor hold pessimistic contradictions against the Creator. As a matter of fact, it must be stated literally that a human being is analogous to a machine, and gaining knowledge on his personal catalogue helps him to operate it more efficiently and manage it smoother.

In this manner, there is a Cosmic Internet (Interuniversal Consciousness) and a Manufacturer Website (The Creator) for mankind. In fact human beings are regarded as "parts" (like single websites) which make sense when their link to the "whole" (like the Internet network) is considered. As in Figure 1 by establishing a connection with

the Cosmic Internet (Interuniversal Consciousness), the user can attempt retrieving his existential catalogue from the manufacturer website, to utilize it for self-exploration or to even heal himself or others with the use of the facilities of this Network; witnessing unbelievable therapeutic phenomena. (Note that such example is used for comprehension of the importance and impact of mankind's communication with his Creator, without the least indication, or purpose to identify God as a factory). [Taheri, Faradarmani, "Cosmic Internet and software switching"]

Figure 1: Establishing a Connection with the Cosmic Internet (Interuniversal Consciousness)

The Theory of "The Consciousness Bond of the Parts" or "Parts Having Consciousness in Common"

Psymentology is based on the theory of "The Consciousness Bond of the Parts" or "Parts Having Consciousness in Common" (Figure 2). Through this therapy, the patient/individual becomes connected to the Interuniversal Consciousness via the Psymento-therapist [the practitioner only plays an intermediary role in providing the connection between the individual and the Interuniversal Consciousness]. After this bond is established, the person automatically undergoes the Scanning stage in which all existential constituents of the individual undergo scrutiny through the Consciousness Bond in order to detect any manifested or hidden defects or diseases. Scanning means inspecting the individual's whole being which as we explained before encompasses countless different constituents/components. Therefore, accomplishing this task is not possible except via the help of a grand intelligence beyond the wisdom, expertise and knowledge of human.

The Process of Treatment in Psymentology; Establishing Ettesal, Scanning Stage, Externalization

Psymentology is based on connecting or establishing a link (Ettesal) to the "Interuniversal Consciousness" (Figure 3) and the entire pathway of exploration and transformation is made possible through this connection which can be applied and utilized in practice. Healing/treatment is one of the feats of establishing such a link (Ettesal) which is indeed the subject of Psymentology. Amongst other outcomes of this connection are comprehensions of the truths of existence, the unity of the world of existence, the purposefulness of creation, human's mission in ecosystem and so on.

As discussed, in Psymentology the meaning of "Ettesal" is establishing a form of connection or link to the Interuniversal Consciousness. Since Ettesal is a concept originating from mysticism, it happens merely by Psymento-therapist's "Nazar" or "brief attention" (In mysticism Nazar means Glance). Nazar establishes a connection between the part-consciousness and the whole-consciousness. There is no precise definition for "Ettesal''(indescribable) as it takes place in a realm 'free of tool' and we can only study the 'effects' of Ettesal which are indeed the subject of Psymentology and not the nature of Ettesal itself.

During a Defensive Radiation Ettesal, the consciousness distribution management centre of the patient's mind will be equipped and this centre will be in contact with all parts [of the patient's body]; based on the nature of this Ettesal some information is conveyed and the software-based defects are revealed. In this way the patient goes through the so-called 'Scanning' process and by eliminating the symptoms, the healing process will be initiated. The Scanning stage is the process in which all existential constituents of the individual undergo scrutiny through the Consciousness Bond in order to detect any manifested or hidden defects or diseases, which categorically reveals the patient's health record and systematically removes the non-organic viruses intervention through various manifestations such as pain, swelling, wounds, itching and so on with unidentified reason, feelings such as fear,

stress, the feeling of movement of pain, convulsion , signs of depression, short time hallucinations and so on. These signs might appear in some patients; however it does not necessarily mean that a patient should feel any or part of the above for the treatment to take place.

Figure 2. Theory of "Consciousness Bond" or "Constituents Having Consciousness In Common"

Scanning takes place in a holistic manner affecting all aspects of one's body, psyche, and mind. Then the treatment process commences through a phase called "Externalization"; in accordance to certain patterns in Psymentology's treatment graphs. Externalization is a process, in which the present and past problems and disorders are revealed, and following that, the signs and tensions of the ailment disappear and recovery starts. In other words, the term "Externalization" refers to a process in which the symptoms of diseases and problems (history of the illnesses) are revealed and the patient's record of illnesses is activated. These files could be related to any of the existential elements of the patient such as body, psyche, mind and so on. For a deep-rooted treatment to take place, the patient must tolerate the so-called externalization and allow these manifestations to be completed with patience.

Interuniversal consciousness

Figure 3: connecting or establishing a link (Ettesal) to the "Interuniversal Consciousness"


Today, many people are engaged in mental illnesses and problems which are the direct result of the intervention of non-organic beings in their inner issues (body and cellular management, worldview, decision-making and so on) and outer issues (social). The widespread destruction resulting from the infiltration of Non-organic Beings into the individuals mental system has lead to a global pandemic of mental illnesses; therefore, as a result of the public ignorance on these disease-causing factors and the lack of necessary hygiene for protection from getting polluted by them, this pandemic is on the rise, thus a practical solution should be sought.

Psymentology contains a relevant and organized set of theories about the above mentioned beings which is the result of more than three decades of replicable experiments. During the past few decades numerous successful experiences have been carried out proving the afore-mentioned theory. It is anticipated that a large portion of mankind's problems will be solved through the use of Psymentology and its practical applications and by establishing a link or connection between human (as constituent-consciousness) and the Interuniversal Consciousness (as the "whole" consciousness or the collection of awareness or consciousness encompassing the universe - Divine Intelligence). Establishing such a link can bring about results that man is not capable of attaining singlehandedly and through his own abilities, healing/treatment of mental disorders is one of such feats which is indeed the subject of Psymentology.

With the use of "Defensive Radiation" (a special branch of treatment in Psymentology) and by establishing a link to the Interuniversal Consciousness, the individual is scanned, the symptoms of non-organic contamination are resolved, and he/she is purified from Non-organic Viruses and their complications and illnesses. Consequently, by creating a correct outlook; the numerous errors which endanger the social and individual affairs of man (in both spiritual and material aspects of his life) can be prevented.

Due to Psymentology's high potential as a complementary and alternative medicine that comes with no side effects, and improves the quality of life and well being, we suggest multi-central research to be carried out in order to achieve more precise statistics on the effectiveness and degree of permanence of this treatment method in treating mental, psychological (emotional) and body-mind-psyche disorders. In addition, considering the need and the tendency of physicians for using various complementary methods alongside conventional medicine, the introduction of an effective Iranian medicine to the global scientific society seems necessary.


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