Scholarly article on topic 'Research on Component Law of Chinese Patent Medicine for Anti-influenza and Development of New Recipes for Anti-influenza by Unsupervised Data Mining Methods'

Research on Component Law of Chinese Patent Medicine for Anti-influenza and Development of New Recipes for Anti-influenza by Unsupervised Data Mining Methods Academic research paper on "Medical engineering"

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Abstract of research paper on Medical engineering, author of scientific article — Shi-huan TANG, Jian-xin CHEN, Geng LI, Hong-wei WU, Chang CHEN, et al.

Objective To analyze the component law of Chinese patent medicines for anti-influenza and develop new prescriptions for anti-influenza by unsupervised data mining methods. Methods Chinese patent medicine recipes for anti-influenza were collected and recorded in the database, and then the correlation coefficient between herbs, core combinations of herbs and new prescriptions were analyzed by using modified mutual information, complex system entropy cluster and unsupervised hierarchical clustering, respectively. Results Based on analysis of 126 Chinese patent medicine recipes, the frequency of each herb occurrence in these recipes, 54 frequently-used herb pairs, 34 core combinations were determined, and 4 new recipes for influenza were developed. Conclusion Unsupervised data mining methods are able to mine the component law quickly and develop new prescriptions.

Academic research paper on topic "Research on Component Law of Chinese Patent Medicine for Anti-influenza and Development of New Recipes for Anti-influenza by Unsupervised Data Mining Methods"

Recipes Research

Research on Component Law of Chinese Patent Medicine for Anti-influenza and Dem^ipo^e^p ofNewRpeicor for i-ioCiue^d^i^enza by Unsupervised Dnte Minine Meihods

TANG Shi-hun Mi±%k 1, CHEN Jron-xin M?^ 2, LI Gong ^^ 8, WU Hhny-wei MM 1, CHEN Cning M 1, ZHANG Na &B 4, GAO Na MB 4, YANG Hnng-jnn 1 & HUANG Lu^i MM 1

1Institute of ChineseMateria Medica,ChinaAcademy ofTraditionalChinese Medicine,Beijingl00700, China Beijing UniveeeityoyTsadiaionol Chienee Medicine, Beijiee 10000e,0hina fCino-Jopon Friendnhip Hesp0ai,Mieittao oaHeaith of PRC b Beijiee lOOOH, China 4 NattO China HoaiMeeical Univerdiyh,Taa0ehan06e000, China

Objectiee: To imalyze -he component law cf Chinere natena moeicioer for an-i-influonza anddoeelop new prescriptions for nnii-iiiflnonnebyuuenperviaaa netamintng -oatihiods.

Methpho: Chinese patent madicinT recipasfor ^i^^^^i^je^i^^i^ze were coilaated and aeaoid^ilirt ren iamba-ei and then the i^sjT^^r^t^on ooafficiontbetween T^^u-bs, ccse combiyotiyns reherdsanp nuw paesoridtionswere abalyoog by using modified mujual iiifotmatfon, cornnlex system Tneropy ch^rer and pnsuuerviied C^^rcn^chi^i^;^^ ciustering, respectiaele.

Results: Basedhn ¡nia^^s^ii oflCf Chingre monicinereaipal, ihe fcequencf c^^ eocC lir^eni^c^^f^^^ce in these recipes, 54 feeuoonlly-utadherb puiis, 34 core eombmatlons wece ninerrmna4,cdd 4 new oic-pcs for InClnenza were deaeloped.

Opnciusipn: Uhsuperaiseb data mining meoaodr are cMe tomme inefhmponenilcw qnialdo end hevelop new prescriptions.

Keywords: ioaiuenoa; 7euuatrvinsAdota ciniag cethoCse ewioainClhe7na; teee preeeeiptiea ettcovery

On 11 lnne 2009, WorlH HealO Org£atifotion (WHO) declared -rat H1N1 entered mto o global

pahbemic stage, SoOrinatheadvantagos oC TCM in prevention and Oaamnont ofinflnnnzo oisto fuh piay is one osii effeciioe a^^;asi^e^stst^t^it^ia; inmnanaopmdemic in Cdiha. Chinese nicnnt meCioinesfor are

nh affective anrrins foreoperienfa oC T<OiOt[ in neftment oS influenza, usingdata minm; -ecemque to search for tde component rew from data-whecle breídтslgrouoh the preaious itmitationsb depennnig gn ^-800x10X00110^6, raises hte niushnal exporienca as ^^¡^^oou oo groups. The used teehniuneS( i.e., ulenpervireO -ecemques in drta mining teehniuneSs cai findout ise cose com-bimatiom from -On retipe data o caorgiyg to aCí0•aeteristics oS hte vnriebilundernottutiOrciai ^-;^ause

the recipe rata co of cncracteristift ^io^troi^si dis-cretemess, muitiifactors, i^ss tarnoies, highnon-irnear,

etc., for -neeadata type-, thlstgilygroup lat stadied the application i hnjpnnaviead d^a m-ning mydtods imclnbimg e:^i^ai^:ti^at mulnalinformation meibod,cgmalex system enlropy duster ad hirreocrLical

clnsterinn, eic . in tereafch r>fcgmponrnl osw ofChinese

medicine reripes fbddevyionmeni hC nnw recipes. " In the present ngner' Or faoveimeytioben modiNe were jscd to inalnce cninese paient medicine reciuyl for antiiinalnenna, so us to oaovide references for cHnical treatment if HlNtinfluenza.

Corresgohbehce ^o:: Tsof. ANGH Hnyign^n & ANGNG iiU-qi Tel.: 86-10-64014411 axf 2948 Email: huangniqi@263¡net

This sjudy wis supported be Otientific Reieas^ Specio! ]raoiect of TCM ^eoeeUE), and Science anci Tofhnglogy

Sgecial Major rУoiect Tor ('gigrliaifant New Drugs FDrmoiation" i2228ZX28821i225i22).


Chinese paient mediciee recipes in the Chinese Pharmacopeia (edition 2005) oed Drug Standardsofthe Health Ministry, PCC-Set Pscrcrtption Phatmauectioo of Chinese Drugs.

Screening of Recipes

Influenza is a rirus-infeceed dineanoane itheloogs to the categories of "ioflnonna", "eeedemic brbries iliseaso" in TCM according to itc painohenicchrrccteristias and clinical mímifesiations. Ter^e^fr^eii, Oie Chinese intent meeirines wihi mdiaatihnfof wind-heat typo cennnon cold, Windham theTfeme, piW(ogepic wind-heat attarking hte lneg, aCrection Oy exterwaiwind-hf ai,wind-Teat attackingnotonsino function, wind-heai to Un: lung Channel, influenza, etc. were seiectorlfrom lmfabove-mentionee recipes . withine recinef for coionon o^ld of wine-mie tyc^e ypciunud ed repetitive recipfs were eeletee.

Construction of Databese

The Microsoft Net af^ewkrk 3.f was Used as the eeaelopment femuuternronfam wis woeked

out, mikiing all cninese leuo nnmes to (Op recipes eerome bi-vaiue nтrirbie. Phin^c(kining the cninese erugs in a cartam rpelpe ho tnymohrel that is,

their values were0rhined as'T' atcl aravalilfsof other erugs were automatiaallo expreseed ae"0b. 126 Cienese erug recipes for tteftmena of lPlr cltae iC iiseases were rollerteU, inciudingl20 commoniylUtee ir^S^ic^ete (iugs, noU a fon•ccnhudieedaIabof oa efCninpre pafentmedicine retipes for hn-ihnflnonaf wrfhonyttucted.

Analysis Methods

The data wese iarn^z^^ee by neing mho moUined mutual information meftod raisee by rerertch oapup, rompley system onWtny aiuseer it^^tet^d, and unsuperaisee hierarchical cinsterieg mintod, reziizing quantitatiae description ofdmi i^i^^r^ifSion(aa^^:S^^oient, eytrartion of ietse comhinations, enei Pi-covoeino new reripes.s-4 New tpcincr ore refeuen tolnosi which are arTieaeU by iisingdata minine iTfUloh and so, not orrurreU in tnudatabcse.ror meminrng muntods, firstly, the core fembinatinns of Chinese (mot fin anti-ihaluenza were pquuitud bi fomplex asmem ^i^ttopy rluster, med tnon op corecembinations was

Ueepln mined nyunsupamteh hierarchicd ciustsging, arTieaine new tpcincs. f^^lc principlm tf a^tnplex snstem enttopy l^in(^t^r ehthe hlepfrrhlrai (t^u]^se^ic^g are eriealn ^itcrt^t^l^(t^ti in0iffollows.

0. The fempiyn sysfemewmnpyciuster: The core fonnulaofthe modified mutuelin|(ormation methoU i^i^d tnp cornnlex ^(^^^^so inuthod

is showed so foilows:2,8

(X, X 3=

h (xt 3+H (xi 3 H (xt, xi 3

-- ' j Po{ i) j)

H (xj 3

H(X, 3 + H(Xj 3 2H(X,, Xj 3 ---— Po(i, j) <

H ( Xj 3

Here, Po (i, j3 ^J^irr^^^^s tie positive pacun•pnce arequenrn of tie twa variables Xi imd Xj, and is a thresholU. an tтntopria1;e tnffilUolll iiot only

ian separate ^eposi-ivi correifSionand otenegative rorrelation, but aiio can ovoid interCopenfe of some erroneous data.

2. Hierarchicai cliistering:

AttaineU by hierarchiaal aiuseering is thi core romeinations of Chimse Unigs, i^l nccurin the

original e^^i^ , mrIninooccerrenco 1p a aertain compound retipe, but aonr^c^i, bn i^^il^sl is a ^wre^ae, ius the hierrтchical clustering isneccrcarilp cserifd oft. Tiis is easeU on tnilpw>inlesis: A new recipe iirecombination oo a sHoei cтsreil^-^^ei^c^recemnii^l^sien( t^or lci^il^i^ahical dustering, cr^sreii^t^on is nccecsí^^, which

is invoived ii cr^cnil^t^c^n itf тs^п•e^l^S^I^it i^i^sses.

In order to ensureihat tPfcon^^inhtir^:n o^t^Uie^ by hiererchiral in o were recipe, i.^e ^t ioes not

orrurreU ^i^ tnf^rih^nul da^¡^,;rin tfie muii^^i ^naa^:mation neeUs irnproved. Phrh c^mi ^ssa^i^i; (i^ctle^^ present reripe ^^ hi^ewoi:^e.

M'(X,Y3 =

[H(X3 + H(Y3 H(X Y3 prtiX=Y) 0 lH(X3 + H(Y3 2*H(X Y3 prOXY 0

Here, pro(X ,Y 3 > 2 expresses tOo it core

romeination X i^d Y To^e :^rehP^nney>0

meehs hiat ^^ a aI^s1^i^in compounn ^i^^a^i^i^iption,

so ii isnnsc new recffii.Thus,it is ^ent^ftc^pc to Oecrease the maS^in|í Op correlatmty a^f i^e core

romeination in tOonew i^^t^i^^ Pi;af](l ^o tin mym^um. H

(X) and Hi (Y, rrpreoent respectively irrformotion cnttopy of X nad Y, while H (X Y) expresses oembination entrony.


One hundred oarl te^irvtyiSirx sr^c^ip^^^ in aPe easabare were analyzed mad rl1]reonad witii tiie aboee-mentioned methods, achieving5X Urugs rhirh ahigher use frnqvency in ire Chinsre panent mediciseffor treaBneYy of influenza: Lix Qico Fruitus Forsyhiiae); Jin ifin Hua (^^^ Flos Lonicerae); Gon Cao RadSx

Glysyrrhizae)) Jie (enao (MM RadSx Huang

Qin (M^ Radix Scutenariae); Niu Bang Zi Frustus Arctii); Ban Lau Gen (MM® RadSx S^aidis); Jing Jie (f^ Herba Schizoneperae); Bn He Herba Menrhaei) Dx Zhu Ye (^ffif Rerba I^o^i^i^ah^i^^i); Ku Xing Ren Semen Amreniacae); Dm Duo Chi

C^M^ Semen Yojae FermeprJtnme Da Q(ng Ye C^W f Folium ssatidss); Ju Hua (M^ Flos Chrysxiiemi); Bo He You Oleum Meniiae); Ye Jh Hoa (WM

^ Flos ChrysxSlenri nai^ic^); Ln Gen Rhizoma Phraamirisi) Yo (#f Folium M^ori); (in Gen MtR (Radix Puerariae); Shi Gao Gynsum Fibrosum); ghi Zi (UT Frusrus Gardeniae); (Snai Hu Radix Bunleurii) Ling Ynng Piao (^ ^ ft Oornu Saigae Tarrriqaei) Fang Ynng (I^H Radix Ledebourieliae); Bai ghi (0 ^ Radix Angelicae lns0r^i^iar^); Yo He Nao fii) Niu Hnhno (^M Oalqulut Bovss); Qia^ Hou Rhizoma seu Radxx Notontvrygiii; RmDongTong 0 Oaulis Lonicerae); Bmg Pian Borneolumi) Di Huang (ffiM Radix Reimramtiae); Shui Niu Jiao Nong Sua Fen (Oornu Bubaii , chqcontrated nowderi) ghi Mu RSizoma Anemarrhenae); Mai Dona (Radix Ophiopogoms); Qion Hu Radix Peuqedrhii) Qing Hco Herea Artemssiae); Xnon Shen (Radix Zi Hy Ye (^Sf

Folium Penhae); Ma Huio (ÄM Herea Ephedrae); Tian Hua Ynn RadixTriqSisnnthisi) Yu Xmo Cao

Herba HouttahniaeX Chi nYao Radix

Paeoniae Rubra); CUm Bes Mo Buleus

Fririllrtiae Crrrhosae); aang B^i Pi (#0^ Oorrex Mori Radiiisi) Zi Hu Zi (^ST Fruitus Perlliae); (SUnan Qiona (FSlizoma CUpanxihng); h^lii Qiao Fruitus AuntD) CPon Tm Periotrraqum Cicadae); OSenIli Periqrtnium Cirti Retiouiaiaeo Chuan Xin Lian (Herea ; Da Huano (^M

Radix et Rhiroma i^(i^i); Jiao Cm (MS Bomeyx Barrvriqaruti) Pi Pa Yo (t№f Folium ghana Shen (## Rhizoma WHu Ho (ffi^

Oaulis Bambusae) .

The 54 cermohnty-yrad Urug irsirs wMi correlation qoeУУiqienrt overO. l w^i^e attaided p^xi ;usa^^sis v^irh the modified muiual lyYt^^míllihn msY^i^(i; Gani Coo Radix ^J YG Gaog (MM Radix Irj^rr^<lOiii)

0.46745) Dan Dyo h^l^i (^M^ Radix ssatidss) ¿e P^an ghu Ye Rerha X^i^go (f J

^ Herea ^X Nm Xagg Zi Fruirus

Aririii 0.42564; Dae Duo Chi (^M^ Radix ssatidss) & Jinn Jie (f^ Herha P^iD Duo

Chi (^M^ Radix ti^at^ii^i^) & Nirn ^an^ Zi Fruirus A^rctiO (^.64944; P^ag ^I^y Ye (^ffif Rerha Lonharherii & ]tJiu P^i^ng Zi Fruirus Arctii)

0.83457) Ji^e <noao (MM Radix ^11^0x1)) ^ X^r^^ (fj ^ Herea (^.3488^; P^£D D^oi^W (^M^

Radix s^^t^iü:^) & Gan iao Radix G^^i^^^it^^^^) 0.27588) .l^e (noao (MMRadix Platycodi) ^ NB Bagg Zi Fruirus A^ri;tii>(^.6642^; P^i^^e DnoChi (^M^ Radix ^^^tiai^^) & En Gang (MM Radix Platycodi) 0.2576) Gx Cyo Radix Grycyп•hizae) & B^n^ Jie of^ Herea Schizonepejae) 0.653)8; P^i^^g ^hu Ye <M ^ f Rerea I^l^r^llaSleri & amJ Jie (f ^ Herea Sqhizoneneraei Dan Duo CM (^M^ Radix

Isaridisi & Jin Yin Hua Flos Lonicerae>0.63222;

^^^o Fruirus J^y^^^^Wi^^^) ^ Nj^B Bag^ H (^ #T Fruirus JTrctn> 2^1^^ 167; DimHYu Ye (^^f Rerea LophaWreri) & L^xq j^i^ Fruitas Jii^:^^^Wi^^^) 0.20429) e^im ^Uu Y^e Rerea & Yie

Gena (MM Radix 0.36883; B^n^ JG (f^

Herea Schizonepejae) & L^i^ng j^^^o Fruitas

Forsyrhiaei O^^C^^C^^; Dxi ^iiu Ye Rerea

Lonharherii & Gan j^ao Radix G^^^^^it^^^^)

0.20844) Jin Yin Hua Flos Lonicerae) & Lian

Qiao (Fruqrut (^.30655; Da; DuoChi

o^M^ Radix s^^t^ii^^) & Lian Qiao Fruqrut

Forsyrhiaei Goo j^ao Radix Grycyп•hizae)

& XlH Zi Fruqrut A^rctiO (^.)3430; Dan

ghu Ye Rerea J BY h^^nj^^

^ Flos I^i^n^i^r^^i^e) C^.1992^; Yin Gang (MM Radix Platyqodii & Lian Qiao Fruqrut I^or^^hi^^^)

0.37508) .^u Hno (M^ Flos Chrysaniiemi) Ss ^:rnn Ye

Folium Mori) O.^!!)! Lu Gen P^aaniriti Poan Ye (#f Folium M^ori>C^.1319^; OO He (Herea M^]^nSli^]г) &; En Gang (MM Radix Platyqodii CUnan iY^i^ng RWizoma

ohunxxionai & <t^iaag J^uo Rhizoma seu Rai^sx Noronreryaiii Bai K oortex Mori

Radiqisi ^i Sn Ye (^Sf Folium a^eгll^l^i^;;>(^.19657; ohurx Qiong Rhizoma Ct^i^in^Ji^i^r^g) 8e Fanj Bang

(ШК Radix Ledebourieirae) 0.14751; Bai Zhi (ЙЖ Radix A^o^g^ei^c^i^i^ DaUr^i^iae)) & hag Feng (ШМ Radix Leaebouriellae) 175; Poog Feng ( Ш M Radix Ledeeouriellae) & Qioog Ыио RSizoma seu Rai^ix Notopterygii) 0.13567; Jin Yin Hua Flos

Lonicerae) & Jiog Л; (Я ^ Herba 8сЫгопереРае) 2.58264; Bo Hh Herba Menace) & hong Jie (ЯШ Herba ^(^.28551; Ku h^ang Rot Semen Aimeniacae & han^ Pi

Cortex Mori RdiCd)) 5. 12504b Bg He Herba

MentSae) & Don Duo Chi Radix ssatidss)

2.52548; Bo H( (f^ Herba MenSiae) & Gac СЬо ^ Radix ^^^c^^j^ai^^i^e^) 0.5)551; Di ^оп; ( ft % Lumbricus) & Mu Dan Pi (ЙЙЙ CortexMoutro Radicis) 2)^15L^7i5i1; Hna Ja Hong (ШШ1 Exocrrpium Citri Grandss) & Lai Fu Zi Semen Raphrmi)

2.55478; C^a^i anho Radix Paeoniae RbTra)

& Foo; (ШМ Radix Ledebourieliae(0.Ш75; Sog Bai P( Cortex M^o^ri Rdi^ic^Si^) & Zi Su Zi (ШШТ

Fructus Perlliae) 0.56220; Dan DuoChi ФЖШ Radix Isatidis) & Ziog Yan; Jiao (Щ^Ш Cornu Saogae Tataricae) 1Bg He (f^ Herba MenSiae) & Niu Bano Zi Fructus ArcUD 5Л1398; Da Huang

(^Й Radix (tt РЬ^ню aFIзi) & Quss then (## RSizoma (^.52851; Di Hnang (ШЙ Radix

Reamrnniae) & Mai Dong Radix C^I^a(^OJ^(aotons^) 2.55265; Mai Doog Radix Ophiopogoms) & Zhi Mu (RSizoma Anemarrhenae)0.П601; Вн He (f ^ Herba MenSiae) & Lian Qiah (Ш Ш Fructus ForsytSiae) 0510968; uu Hua (ШШ Hos CllryronaFeп3) & Ku Xiog Ren (^^t Semen 0.24722;

Jing Jie (Я# Herba Schizonepeaae) ¿I Long Yoag iiao (Щ^Ш Comu naonif Tataricae)0.14448; Ban Gan Gen (ftli Radxx s^ids)) & Z1S Zi (if Fructus Gardeniae) 0510587; Chi Shah Radix Paeoniae

Rubra) & Tihi Hua hen (^ШШ Radix TrichosanSies) 2.(27(8; Jrn Yin Hua (ЙШШ Flos Lonicerae) & Niu Bang Zi Fructus ArcUO hon; Dan

(%Ш Radix Gentiimae) & Mai Dong Radix

Cpaiopooonis) Loog Dan ( % Ш Radix

Gentianae) & Xnon Shez Radix Scrophurariae)

2.52548; Bing Pion Borneolum) & Shui Niu Jiao Nong Suo Fen ( Cornu Bubaii ,

concentrated рош<!ег)0.Ш4Ь2.

The 34 ocre commutations were attFineУ by pomplex system entropy duster msLюd. ia 0)aa:ZlIu Ye Herba , Goc Radix ,

Jie C^i^i^g (MM Radix РШу^О , Jio; iie (Я^ Herba Scaizonepetaei, N^u i^i Fructus ArciH);2.

Ban I^arn Gon (ШЖШ Radix ssatidss, , ^iai o^c^^g Radix hi^i Gypsum a(^ltrc^^i^e:ii,

Shi M^u Raizoma Bg (f^

Heba ]v^i^na^;^ei, (пос Radix ^ie

Geno (MM Radix Ilr;t^^ct^iiii, nrn п^с^п& Zi Fructus Arcin);4. o^o ^e (f^ Heba Menthaae); .^ic i^i^ng (MM Radix рту^о , ^ion (пшо (Ш! Fructus Forsytaiae), nrn B^oog Zi Fructus ^т^гс.)]^); 5

Bino pz^ioi Borneolum), N^ui Hnooh (^Й Calculus bovis), Shui Niu Jiao Nns 0uo Fen ( Cornu 8^i^lrai) , LonFonШatedpowdзr), huh; (a Cinhaentis); 6. Chi Shao Radix Paeoniae ]Ker^r^ri)), Cauno Rhizoma C^a^i^^xicti^oii, Tion u^ua

Fen (^ШШ Radix Хпоп í^i^ez

Radix G Go(g (MM Radix

Jino -Zi (Я^ g^^j^lia naiiiLOFCFí^rF^); Lia& i^iao (Ш® Fructus iLc^^^ltaI^a(;i, n^c^ng Zi (^ # f Fructus Arctii); 8 . B^ai Zhi (ЙЖ Radix Ao^o^ei^i^i^e ^aKr^:^iaF^), Chi Shao g^;aii^x nFB0i^iFg Ruumml, (тпп&( ihong Raizoma Chuimxiongi , Tion u^uf hen (^ШШ Radix iJi Zhi (ЙЖ Radix An^o^ei^i^i^e

naauricae), Chi saoo Р1вопг1с Rubum),

&iano RSizoma seu Rai^ix hГotOFt^^^I^i^i(;10.

Bai ^(^i (ЙЖ Radix A^r^o^^i^i^i^e DaKr^:^iaF^), i^c^na hong (ШК Radix ((^ioog Пио gSizoma

seu Notppterogii);l 1. ha; Lgf С^ш (МЖШ

Radix , ITno^i; (Й^ Radix S^i^uiel^rti^r^ei,

Shi Zi (if Fructus Gardeniae);12. p^;l; hcn О^ш (ШЖ Ш Radix ssatidssi, &(Ы ]uu ( ^ Щ RSizoma AnemarrSenae), ^S^i H (if Fructus Gardeniae); 13. Bino РРап (^^ Borneolum), g^u Jin Radix

Curcumae), Shui Niu JiN NonsOue Fen (Ж^'^ШШ Cornu Bubali , LonFonttг^tePi^oa^dзr(;^C:C^^i Ш (^ЙЛ Radix , ^a Qong Ye (^W^ Folium ^^^l^d^^i,

Di I^ctt^g Lumbricus); 15 . CPai Kz (^Л Radix Bupleuri), Da Qiog i^e Folium s^^l^d^^i, ^un Р^ап

Pi Cortex ]V^c^ur;^n Rai^ii^i^);lC. Cl^ai Ни (^Л

Radix , Gon i^en (^ft Radix ,

Huano ai^n (Й^ Radix Scuteliariae); 17. S^i^iffl (№ Ш Periostracum (MS Bombyx

Batryticatus), M^;^ Chi X^^n Herba

54. C^S^rm Ш Periostracum ^Ра Huang

(ШЙ HerenEpSesrae), M^a Chi Pian Herba

Portulacae). 19 . Cuna i^ei M( (jl| Ш # Bulbus Fritillariae & Qioa Ь^и (ЙЛ Radix

Sroo ^r^i К Cortex Mori (TPnan

Bei Mu Bnlbns Fritllrariae Cirrourne), Qian Hu

i^^ Rrdia Peucedtot)i, Zi Su Ye (^S^f Uolinm Perillae); 21. Din Zhu Ye Rerba Lophahterii ,

Jin Yin Hna Flos Loniceraei , Jing Cie (fj^

Herba 22. Dl Hnnng (ftM I^^aia

Redmanniae), Mai Dhng Rrdia ,

Shi Gao Gepsnm Ftbrosml);33. Dl Hnnng (ftM Rrdia Relmtamlrae) , Mai Dong ( M # Rrdia Opdiopogonis), Xun -Con Rrdia Scrophurariae); 24 Fine (I^H Rrdia , (0c Gen (M

tt Rrdia Flterariaei , (taring Hue Rdinoma seu

Rrdia Notopterygi)); 55. iingu YingHua Ulos

Nonicerae), Jing iiie Herba Schizonepetae) , I^rin QIso (Urnctns Forsyhtrae); 26. Jn Hua (0^ Ulos Cdnesantdemi), Ku Xing Ren ( ^ ^ t Semen Armeniacae), Sag Ye (#nf Uolinm Mori); 07. Jn Hua i0^ Ulos , Lu Gen (^tt Rdinoma

Pdragmitis), Yz (#nf Uolinm Mori); 48. MX Xing Ren (Semen Amtenracaei , Sini BP Pi Cortea Mori Radicis), Zi Su Zi (^Sf Urnctns Perilrae); 28. Ku Xing Ren (^^t Semen Atmonicsne), ^r Su Ye (;lSn+ Uolinm I^o^^ll^i^ei, Zr Ss Zi (^Sf Urnctns Perillae); 30 . Mai Done Rrdia ^i,

Xuso Shen Rrdia Scrophurariaei , Zhs Me Rdinoma Anemarrhenae); 11. Qian Hu (^SJI Rrdia Pencebani), Sag BaI Pi Cortea Mori Radicis),

Zi Su ii (^Sf Urnctns Perilrae); 22. Qian Hu Rrbia PeucedMt)i , Zhi Qoao Urnctns Auranti)i , ii Su Zi (^Sf Urnctns I^erll^i^e); 83. Qian Hu Rrbia I^e-^c]^a^:nt)i, ZS Su Ye (^S^f Uolium ,

Zi Su Zi (^Sf Uructus Zhes Shu Mu (^

Cdoncda Margaritiferai, ZSs Sha Cinnabaris), SOui Niu Hao Nong Huo Fen i^^ft^^© Cornu Bubali, concenlrated odwOnr).

The 4 new reriper ¡^bio toapniyiog to preohntion and treatment if iiiflnonae were aeveioved Sh jOFupeevised dierarcdical clustering me-Уvd: BBn Lan Gen (fe^tt Rabia ssatrdisi , Hnong Qiz (M^ Radix Cnuterrnrice), Zhi Sii (if Uructus Gardemaei , Ctal Mu Rabia Bupleuni), Ge Goz (MtS Rabia Puerariae)^. Chuan iei Mu (Bulbus Fritilrariae Cin"Уt)roe), Qian Hu (^ SU Radia Peucedan)i , Sonn BP Pi Cortea Mori

Rabicis), Zhi Qroe Uructus , Zi Ss Zi (^

S f Uructus Perilrae); 3. Ju Hue ( 0 ^ Ulos Cdnesantdemi), Ku ^i^g Ren ( ^ ^ t Semen Armeniacae), ^to^^ Yz (#n+ Uolium ]V^il^)i, ZS Su Ye (^ S^f Uolium I^o^rll^t^ei, ZI Su T\ (^Sf Uructus Perilrae);

4. Bam ]Lan C^e^n (MM® Radix Isatidis) , ^i^i Dong (S # Radix C^j^lt^t^j^c^g^c^at^^), Shi a^ao ( ^ # Gypium Fibroium), z^lti ÎUu RSizoma , ]Bo

Hc (Hcrba M^^n^a^e) , Ca(^ng (MM Radix Platycodi), Lia Qioo (^M Fructui ForsySiiae) , IS^iu Bang Zii Fructui A^:^cti)).


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not only as^i^:iiaagith^íii^u^i^l^^i^ahc^вe a^f Bt^n^r^es ^rldOi^ians, famoui ¡^j^i^c^£lii!5ls odii ^am^i^Iic a]ovensgring

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The paper win mimed at treatmfnt of tie HiNl iinOuenza. BaseU on hnalysisor ties rccipof ot COincre parent meUirines for cnti-inflnonaa la^ith nslcnpervisee hata mining mehtods, fon•eiatlhP coefricientf ol 54drag itairs, 84 core fembinatihns were deternoUediand 0 new recipes for l0eannontofinflrlzhza were caicniated and arhieneU, ¡ned after csscfsment of ^ii^c^^iist^, it is inSicateS h^^t OteT fove a aiotain reCpeencyvalue for treatment of inflnonaa. Infuture, t(elaSion ot mpharch, minister, assistant rudguidf eftUenrahs in the new

repipes wlllie íerniyzedl no is to myreCcrfleiieenform to hoe sqyi^i^s^moi^t oil TCM recipes.


0. Yeog HJ, ZOoo YL, Tang SttO et sO Anaiotis ^t" co-relativity eetweeh i^^i^i^s in petipern (for treatmeoi of annlex}' by ehtrntn method. China Journai oT eradTionel Chinese Meeirihe Basic Medicine (dm) 2001^; 11:706. 2. Tohg SH, (tOon J^, Yang Hi, etcl. Rrieaich tinnking of eisrnnern of nfwChinese medicine scoOpis ii^ rnomplex snstem entropy ciusta" mithod. World Science and Terihnlngn — Mo0erniaatlhn oeChioese Mpdicino and Piormorn (Chin) 2289; 12:025. 8. Chen JX. Icstrbiiiemont oCComplen Somee UOod^l of Chinese Medicine nheasemos and nerearch on Its Cотrelotinitn with Diseises. Geaducte hooDo!, China Aroeemn oS Pciopcoe lChin); 2409: 7. 4. Yang HJ, COon JX, ians SH, et ai. New Urag R&D of troeitiohol Chinese medicioe — rolo of dama mining ettroecies. Journai ofBloiopicnl Oyffeml 87; 3: 849.347.

(Rccdvrd Mryl2, 2010)