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Comparative and Functional Genomics
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Academic research paper on topic "Conference Calendar"

Comparative and Functional Genomics

Comp Funct Genom 2004; 5: 292-294.

Published online in Wiley InterScience ( DOI: I0.I002/cfg.403

Conference Calendar

September-November 2004

Animal models

CSHL— Mouse Molecular Genetics, 1-5 September

ISAG — 29th International Conference on Animal Genetics, 11-16 September

Chicken Genome Sequence: Impact and Applications Symposium, 13-14 November


SGM — 155th Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology, 6-9 September PAGES/Tcd.cfm

ASM — 5th International Conference on Extremophiles, 19-23 September 19177

ESF IAFG — Environmental Genomics and Environmental Metagenomics, 18-20 November


15th European Conference on Machine Learning/8th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 20-24 September

CSHL/WT — Genome Informatics, 22-26 September

IBC — BioDigital 2004, 13-15 October

NAS — Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium: Frontiers in Bioinformatics: Unsolved Problems and Challenges, 15-17 October



TIGR — 7th Annual Conference on Computational Genomics, 21-24 October

WSEAS — 5th International Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Biology and Chemistry, 15-17 November mcbc/index.html

Evolution/comparative genomics

Ist Baikal Workshop on Evolutionary Biology, 6-II September

8th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseille, 22-24 September

Functional genomics

ASM — Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics Approaches to Infectious Disease Research, 6-9 October 22657

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EMBO/EMBL— Functional Genomics: Exploring the Edges of Omics, 16-19 October General

15th International Chromosome Conference, 5- 10 September


ASHG — Annual Meeting, 26-30 October


Society for Biomolecular Screening Annual Conference, 11-15 September

Evolution Summit 2004, 20-22 September

3rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Pharmacogenomics (ISP), 30 September-4 October htm

CHI — Genomics on Target, 8- 12 November

CSHL/WT — Pharmacogenomics, 18-21 November Plants

Plant GEMS 3, 22-25 September

CSHL — Plant Genomes: From Sequence to Phenome, 9- 12 December Proteomics

CHI — Protein Biomarkers, 30 August- 1 September asp

3rd International and 28th European Peptide Symposium, 5-10 September Structural genomics

IAPSAP — 15th Meeting on Methods in Protein Structure Analysis, 29 August-2 September

EMBO — Conference on Structures in Biology, 10-13 November StructBiol04/

3rd International Conference on Structural Genomics, 17-21 November Systems biology

BTK — Developing concepts for systems biology, 3-6 September

5th International Conference on Systems Biology, 9- 1 3 October Transcriptomics

CSHL — Dynamic Organization of Nuclear Function, 29 September-3 October

Biotech industry

BIOPHEX 2004: Post-discovery Through Commercialization, 28-30 September

Biotechnology 2004, 17-22 October

ASHG — American Society for Human Genetics:

ASM — American Society for Microbiology:

BTK — BioThermoKinetics Study Group: http://

CHI — Cambridge Healthtech Institute: http://

CSHL — Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories: http://

EMBL — European Molecular Biology Laboratory: eMbO — European Molecular Biology Organisation: ESF IAFG — European Science Foundation, Integrated Approaches for Functional Genomics: IAPSAP — International Association for Protein Structure Analysis and Proteomics: http://www.

IBC — IBC Conferences: http://www.ibc-lifesci. com

ISAG — International Society for Animal Genetics: NAS — National Academy of Sciences: http:// SGM — Society for General Microbiology: http://

TIGR — The Institute for Genomic Research:

WSEAS — World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society: WT — Wellcome Trust: http://www.wellcome.

The Conference Calendar is a listing of forthcoming conferences of interest to our readership. We provide the title, dates and web address of each conference, to enable readers to find out more information. Inclusion does not imply endorsement by the journal. If you know of a relevant conference, please contact the Managing Editor.