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To achive a Campus Interchangeable Card Based on RFID Technology Academic research paper on "Educational sciences"

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Abstract of research paper on Educational sciences, author of scientific article — Zhang Weijun, Cai Changqing

Abstract With the rapid development of science and technology, human sciences is entering the information age, information technology has a profound influence to the reform of school management. Modernization school must have Modern management facility, equipment. The level of information management is becoming one of the important factors for measuring the aggregate level of the school, but also an important symbol of modern standards school management. This article describes to take the campus card system as a platform to achieve all the people-oriented digital management, from the campus environment, resources and activities. The campus card system can realize “one card in hand, around the campus,” to meet the needs and purpose of digitized campus.

Academic research paper on topic "To achive a Campus Interchangeable Card Based on RFID Technology"

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Energy Procedía 17 (2012) 293 - 298

2012 International Conference on Future Electrical Power and Energy Systems

To achive a Campus Interchangeable Card Based on RFID


Zhang Weijun,Cai Changqing

Department of Electrical and Information ,Changchun Institute of Technology,Changchun china


With the rapid development of science and technology, human sciences is entering the information age, information technology has a profound influence to the reform of school management. Modernization school must have Modern management facility, equipment. The level of information management is becoming one of the important factors for measuring the aggregate level of the school, but also an important symbol of modern standards school management. This article describes to take the campus card system as a platform to achieve all the people-oriented digital management , from the campus environment, resources and activities. The campus card system can realize "one card in hand, around the campus," to meet the needs and purpose of digitized campus.

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Keywords: One card, RFID, intelligent, management, consumption


At present, many universities have established their own smart card applications system. However, due to lack of unified planning early, many departments of the school to introduce or develop smart card applications mostly independently, such as library issued book lending card, dining room management system issued rice card, computer cards of the Computer Lab, etc. With the development of electronic money, there will be more and more different uses of credit cards in hands , the users enjoy the safety and efficient of credit card, but also deeply felt the inconvenience of their protection, management. Not only more cards in students hands, the use of extremely inconvenient, but also increased the maintenance costs of data integrity and consistency, Moreover, the repetitive construction of the same systems caused a great waste of school resources. Use the strong function of radio frequency card and the computer networks, the campus construction work can make the whole school management subsystem with organically link up and strengthen internal resource sharing, reduce duplication of construction, the intelligent and digital of campus information management and consumer services standards of campus information management.

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2.1.Background and research significance of topics

Campus card system is the base of digital campus project, it is an organic and important component of Digital Campus. For the Digital Campus, it provides a comprehensive data collection platform. Combined with the school information management systems and networks it form a campus-wide digital space and shared environment. It provides an open, flexible and service-oriented management of the school's application platform to school administrator, that is the prerequisite and fundamental way of management and management scientizing.

2.2.Research and latest progress of international

In 1996 summer, Florida University , the first university of the United States who introduced campus card, it improves the management efficiency significantly. Simultaneously, it is also provides the Scholarship , loan and Assistance through student's campus card , This card may be used to consult material, and it also be used in amusement hall, laundry room, swimming pool, quick dining room, etc...Information feedback demonstrate that not only the teachers, administrative staff and the students are very satisfied to the new card's function, moreover raised the managerial effectiveness obviously.UK institutions also show interest on the "One Card" and prepare for implementation actively. Exeter University and York University began trial operation "card system." based on the support of Modex Company's technical. By now campus card entrusts with the new connotation, in the card contains student's name, the picture, the student number, and may serve as the books card, the checking attendance, the election card, the expense card. Holds the Modex card student guardian also to be possible to add the funds through the telephone for in its children's card. With the globalization of the campus card functionality, socialization, and the campus card of future is no longer the end of his career with the students' graduation and the user will be accompanied by the card all his life, its connotation and extension of the expansion is significant.

In china, with the development and promotion of science and technology, "Card" also began to be applied in many fields, especially in the universities, the construction of campus card gradually attention. At present, different characteristics of the "Campus Card." have been introduced in Peking University, Chinese Scientific and Technical University, Capital Normal University, Beijing second Foreign Studies University, Beijing Distance university, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities in recent years,

2.3.The main content frame of resaerch

The investigation was to pilot the campus card in school, that will be used to achieve the effective integration, conform and optimization of various resources, to achieve the efficient allocation and full use of resources, to coordinate and optimize the process of school management and logistics services, to realize the process optimization of teaching, learning and living with student's and teacher's, and to improve the management level, service efficiency, effectiveness and benefit.

The actual content of research involves a campus card management system and campus card consumption system. The campus card management system mainly includes that the system initial, sending card, the sufficient value, the server, the computer lab room management, the books management, the educational administration management, the inquiry management, the financial management, water controlling management, the expense management and so on. A campus card expense system mainly includes the expend the place, such as cafeteria, the supermarket, the electronic reading room, the laundry, the bathing pool, hot waterhouse, the typing, the photocopying and so on .

At school, a RF card with students can be used as a portrait student card, student class attendance card and subsidies on the settlement, it can also be used to purchase cafeteria food consumption, drinking water supply charges, beverages supply charges, hot and cold water bath supply charges, laundry room laundry charges, electronic reading room fees and charges, public telephone charges, registration, library, course selection, check test scores and other purposes. It can continue to expanding the capabilities. It will bring a new and convenient modern living to teachers and students. School management will be greatly simplified: the efficiency will be greatly improved! Therefore, the construction of campus card is imperative.

3.Design of Campus Card System

Campus card system is mainly divided into two parts, the campus card management system and consumer systems. Campus card management system includes initial system, card providing, sufficient value, server, computer room management, library management, academic management, query management, financial management, control of water management, consumption management. Campus Card Consumer system includes canteens, supermarkets, electronic reading room, laundry, bath, hot waterhouse, typing, photocopying and other consumer sites.

3.1.Campus Card Management System

Digital Campus card management system is mainly managed by the Card Centre, the topology of key management functions of Card Centre is shown in Figurel.

• The initial system: including the system of registration, the name of the original, and other personnel information.

• Card providing and recharging: to provide card to staff, card replenishing, report the loss, the solution linked to correct the error and so on.

• Server: server with administrative privileges, all the permissions assigned by the administrator, each operator can set different administrative privileges according to their own situation.

• Computer lab management: the management of student information, billing, inquiry, and the management of consumer devices.

• Library management: to achieve borrowing books, inquiries of students.

• Educational management: to manage student's information, and their attendance, etc.

• Query management: mainly used for inquiries of students and leaders, you can check consumption, management, and other conditions.

• Financial management: used to generate various reports, financial reconciliation, recorded and so on.

• Management of water controlling: to manage hot waterhouse, bath water.

• Consumption management: used for consumption of canteens, supermarkets, electronic reading room, etc...

• Third-party systems access: for accessing of the academic, library, computer room subsystems.

Figure 1 campus card centre structure

3.2.The consumption of Campus Card System

Consumer management subsystem use radio frequency (RF), which is the most advanced technology, as an electronic wallet to consume. It replaces the traditional consumption patterns of cash, magnetic cards, contact cards and electro-optical cards, the cardholder recharge the RF card in advance, operator enter the amount of consumption to window machine in spending time, the cardholder show the card in an effective sensing distance of the window machine , after it is identified, charged e-wallet can be completed. That is simple, convenient and fast. In the same time achieving multi-campus consumption, each campus consumer point expend to realize the networking through the network, consumption records will be transferred to the card settlement center eventually, the center carries on the settlement regularly to the merchant. Realized the card use, unified merchant management pattern. Carries on the expense using the RF card as the electronic wallet to substitute for traditional the medium of exchange, it is suitable for the expend place, such as the cafeteria, the market, the laundry, the showers room, hot waterhouse, the typing, the photocopying and so on widely. The cardholder may realize that paperless electron currency in a campus card use scope to settle accounts, may promote each charge department's working efficiency and the management level greatly through this system's intellectualized management. Their consumption management subsystem structure shown in Figure 2...


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Figure 2 Consumption management subsystem structure

4.Mpus Card Application Examples in Water Management

As a major water users, most of institutions have the phenomenon of water wasting generally, "Long-running water" phenomenon exist frequently obviously in the public bathroom, the public washroom, bowl washing room in the cafeteria , many people consciousness of water saving is very weak, after using the water, they are not familiar to close the water conveniently, therefore, to strengthen water management in schools is particularly important, to improve water facilities, use hardware means to strengthen the awareness of water conservation is one of the most effective ways. The intelligent hot waterhouse system includes computer management systems, measurement, and other hardware.

Operation procedures:

• When the card against the water controller, which shows the current card balance, and control the electromagnetic valve open, when finished water, press the stop button , and then display the amount deducted by the water; if you want to stop the water on the midway you can press the pause button.

• In the system setup time, the computer receives all the data automatically (time off-grid mode, hot waterhouse water controller has memory function, the controller can also be your water billing, and upload stream) when the server database closed.

• The computer re-sent date to water control machine (cardholder balance, blacklist, etc.)after data exchanged.

5.Prospects of Changchun Institute "Campus Card" Application Analysis

5.1. "Campus Card" application idea

According to the present's actual situation of our university, the student use many cards ,such as food card, library card, the electronic reading room card ,computer lab card and so on, not only to carry and use will be inconvenient, the card cost is also very high, the possibility of loses is relatively big. Now the student is the only child generally, receives guardian's spoiling since childhood, the ability of taking care of oneself is not strong, but also saves consciousness deficient, a campus card use can very good avoid these questions.

A card can be used in the campus to purchase water, power, and be used in dining room, bath, electronic reading room, shops and other places consumption, to the library to borrow books, and student class attendance and so on. It brought great convenience to students in school life. In addition, to charge water and power consumption after the excess of the expected part can stop the water and power wasting effectively, thereby it can enhance everyone's awareness of savings.

At first, it can be try on in a school district, if the effect is good and schoolmate reflected that it is quite satisfied, it may be promoted in the entire school scope.

5.2,"Campus Card" application implementation steps

Campus Card is a product of the information age. It played an indispensable role in the socialization process of university rear service. Specific steps of implementation are as follows:

First, conversion of the old card to new card. To transfer all the information of student's old cards

to the new version of radiofrequency RF campus card.

Second, the card function setting. Distinguishes each card according to the student number, establishes expends and distinguishes function in the card.

Third, the card service condition feeds back. To understand the using circumstances of the student's card after period of time, Changes and consummates the existence problems and improve them.


Campus Card is a powerful carrier of campus digitization, its contents will be more rich and its composition will be more abundant with the development of electronics and information technology , it may seep into the teaching, research, management, and logistics, and many other applications , it will deepened with the scientific, technological progress and the management content increased. And the construction of campus card system involved the digital campus construction, it is the foundation for building digital campus. But also it can improve the quality of students to form a good campus atmosphere. After investigation and analysis, in view of the actual situation of our university, digitization campus card have very broad application space. Wide range of applications related to student cards, student class attendance punch card and subsidies on the settlement, canteen buy food consumption, water consumption, beverage consumption, consumption of hot and cold water bath, laundry room laundry consumption, consumer electronic reading room, public telephone consumption, registration, library, course selection, test scores, and many other queries. Only an intelligent hot waterhouse can save 5,850 yuan per month for the university, not only saves money, but also to eliminate the phenomenon of wasting water resources in campus. Establish the conservation awareness of "School is my home, we rely on savings." It laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of our university.


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