Scholarly article on topic 'Can we put IJGP on the track?'

Can we put IJGP on the track? Academic research paper on "Philosophy, ethics and religion"

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Academic research paper on topic "Can we put IJGP on the track?"

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Can we put IJGP on the track?

IJGP was instituted to help Holistic Health Sciences and Modern Pharmaceutical Technology that enrich each other. Unfortunately, the journal has drifted from its motif. Initially, due to the lack of appropriate articles, we welcomed pure science articles, which have now become the norm. The articles we get are too scientific; they hardly have any holistic or traditional flavour.

There are already enough journals available worldwide, which are focused to extraction, isolation and pharmacological studies. When I had conceived this journal, I had in mind to publish everything of green pharmacy except the extraction-isolation; and what I am publishing is nothing beyond extraction-isolation. Please consider sending the articles that involves ancient/holistic/traditional expressions and methods. The perfect blend would be devoting half of the word count to the holistic aspects and half to the modern. If not the research articles, then let there be at least review articles of this nature. When journal's rejection rate is already over 80%, submitting the work of this nature would be an excellent way of being published in IJGP. We assure you handling these articles on priority.


One thing I dislike about the scientific journals is this that they are quite boring; excepting the situation when you have to really use some data from an article. Sometimes it

appears as if the publication is meant for the authors and not to the readers, where everybody wants to get their work published and nobody is interested in reading. To improve the readability of the IJGP, I desire to put some 'Tadaka'. The term 'Tadaka' could be new to many IJGP's contributors from outside India—there is extra high-temperature or flaming spices/condiments added in Indian culinary. It goes in very small quantity, but rules the entire curry. I desire to start a curry column in the journal from next issue. It could be named as 'Curry-Column' or 'Livewire' or else somebody could suggest a better nomenclature. This column would publish anything except science and pornography, particularly things like humour, philosophy, spirituality, culture and tradition. Languages other than English are also welcome.

V. B. Gupta

Editor-in-Chief, IJGP E-mail:

DOI: 10.4103/0973-8258.54915

International Journal of Green Pharmacy

| April-June 2009 |

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